A Voyage to Brobdingnag

This, too, begins with realistic elements like “we unshipped our goods and wintered there; for the Captain falling sick..”.
In this country everything is a scale of ten to one in relation to our familiar world.
Gulliver is caught on the shore by one of the natives and brought to a farmer’s house where he fights with two rats and kills them. There he establishes good relations with the farmer’s daughter who treats him like her doll, laying him on her doll’s cradle etc. Soon he becomes the center of attention. The farmer decides to take him to town and show him to public so as to gain money through him. Gulliver gets very tired of these shows, during which they travel many cities and towns. Finally they arrive the capital city Lorbruldug. There, the queen recognizes him and buys him. Thus his stay at the court begins.
There he has some discourse with the prince who appears to be a man of wisdom and enlightenment. Gulliver pridefully describes his country, England, and its institutions. The prince ridicules him for that.
Then he describes some accidents that happened to him there out of his comparatively tiny form. There is a repeated emphasis on his weaknesses there and on the ridicules of the others.
Some further dicourse with the prince takes place. He talks to him about gunpowder and its uses in his own world. The king is both amazed and astonished to hear it. He despises Gulliver and his country for having such inhuman devices, and bids him not to mention it to anyone.Gulliver tries to exempt his country from the king’s accusations in vain.
There is the criticism of the mercenary army in England standing without the authorization by the Parliament, too.
Gulliver stays in this country for two years. Then one day the king and the queen go to a place near the ocean taking him, too, within a box. Suddenly an eagle takes him with the box and drops the box down onto the sea with Gulliver in it. After some time an English ship finds him. Thus he comes back to his country.

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