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The Long Winter Overview and Review

In 1940,Wilder's literary agent George By,wrote Wilder to tell her that he had sat up until two o'clock in the morning reading the manuscript for'The Long Winter,' and then had trouble going to sleep for thinking of the plight of the Ingalls family and that awful winter. The book was published later in 1940 to… Continue reading The Long Winter Overview and Review

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These Happy Golden Years: Literary Overview

Laura Ingalls Wilder considered 'These Happy Golden Years' the end of her 'Little House' series. The book was published in 1943, 14 years before her death in 1957. She submitted no more manuscripts to Harper & Brothers, nor to her daughter Rose Wilder Lane, who died in 1968, 25 years after "These Happy Golden Years'… Continue reading These Happy Golden Years: Literary Overview


Wole Soyinka’s Art of Characterization in the Play The Swamp Dwellers

The characters in The Swamp Dwellers fell into three groups: the parents Makuri and Alo-conservative, the corrupt priest Kadiye, who beguiles his superstitious followers; and the two positive individuals Igwezu and the Beggar, moving, wondering, seeking and then uncertain what they have found. It is a play of mood and atmosphere, constructed so as to… Continue reading Wole Soyinka’s Art of Characterization in the Play The Swamp Dwellers



ANONYMOUS  Beowulf (ca. 1000) Beowulf is the longest and most complete surviving poem in Old English. The work probably circulated orally for centuries before being written down by scribes around the year 1000. It consists of 3,182 lines of alliterative verse. The poem’s plot, is straightforward and has the quality of a folktale, following recognizable… Continue reading ANONYMOUS Beowulf


Greek Literature

This dissertation surveys the representation of crowds in the two great epics of Homer, the tragedians Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, and the comedian Aristophanes. It covers each of these authors in varying levels of detail, and has two major goals: to identify the vocabulary with which they describe crowds, and to infer from these descriptions… Continue reading Greek Literature



It’s three hours from Vegas to Barstow. Eileen made the drive in two. She was just outside the city when her car began to blink —a red light beneath a single bar of fuel. She slowed down. She held her breath. She looked up—distant lights; dreary forms. Far away. She bit her nails. She hit… Continue reading Returning