What is literature?

Those who read the aesthetic (artistic ) written to provide a satisfaction , or even if such an objective can reach this level of formal and contextual features of all written works of literature is called . Literature is a form of expression . Thoughts and feelings beautifully and effectively be defined as the art of telling . Any text can be considered works of literature should carry artistic values ​​. In order to understand what he ‘s Literature , language , speech and language is different from prose reveals is required as well .

Speech and language prose , language tool , have attempted to use the word , is a certain goal-oriented action . Towards the research, put forward forwarding tool. Words in spoken and written language makes the task becomes useless after . Which will bring about significant results. Results purpose ie , who read it , or listen AndAki is change. Voicing our opinion on how the words that we ‘ll forget format . They convey our thoughts through the people we do not care how they are formatted . Forget. Language , we directly or goods and ideas with other people face brings . Words in spoken and written language is clear. Is frivolous . Break will disappear .

However, the exact opposite of them consists in poetry and literature . Not a tool in the language of poetry and literature , has little purpose . Poetry and literature, language , words, sentences and formats objective ( objective) becomes the reification up . Ins with other people , goods and ideas between the poem is not transparent fill . Does not become frivolous , as in speech and prose . On the contrary, against our interests. Such as pictures , sculpture, music , like structure (goods) value wins.

The poet does not make sentences , constitutes an object . With the words , beautiful, memorable forms are created . Under specific forms of words together in the deep trends impulse has ever made . The poet does not take advantage of the words in the language as it is . Would be beneficial to them . Color, sound , volume is to reify them like , break , destroy it and re- combining the world establishes a poem .

Words and words instantiating the custom signs , sayings , talismanic forms be brought into their magic and enchantment in the field of use , evergreen memorized custom forms, to repeat , poetry prepared the birth of the oldest are factors . This aspect can be said, writing , let alone the full realization of the spoken language , even human beings and humanity in the most ancient poetry, and poetry is the language . So , literature, language was before .

However, the availability of real poetry and literary works are developed after use . Non-artistic matters ( politics, law, letter, etc. . Areas ) even the first written texts, literature , close to the epic , loaded with beauty claims have been fairly objective works .

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