English Literature

Important Characters in English Literature

Important Characters in English Literature

Of course, we must know almost every writer who contributed to literature or helped to shape its frame. Let’s begin to know.

Geoffrey Chaucer

He wrote in all types of the poetry of the Medieval Ages and used English instead of Latin and French for the first time in literature in the palace. Lived in a transitional period, Chaucer tried to integrate old and new, foreign influences and national features in his prose, influenced by French writers such as Guillaume de Machault, Jehan Froissart, Italian writers such as Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio, but by creating these unique forms of literature.
William Shakespeare
Shakespeare, one of Britain’s and the world’s great play writers, has demonstrated the same success in both drama and comedy genres. In his works, he has been using verse with prose, he has shown superior success in animating all kinds of feelings of mankind.

Christopher Marlowe

In England, Marlowe is the first writer to write about the existence and contradictions of the process of the bourgeoisie in his tragedies. Although the philosophy of humanism and individualism began to spread gradually in England in the 16th century, the pressures of the Catholic Church continued at the fastest. As such, Marlowe’s mocking approach to religious matters, which were highly untouchable for that period of time, made him lonely, rebellious and revolutionary.

John Milton

He is seen as one of the greatest poets British have ever left. The strong and influential style that Milton used in his poems and writings became very influential in the poetry of the 18th century. He wrote poems, as well as booklets advocating civil and religious rights. But the famous and actually, my favorite book is Paradise Lost.

Charles Dickens

Famous for his humorous, satirical, and sharp observations of personality and society, Charles Dickens’ novels, mostly weekly or monthly, led to the most frequent publications in the Victorian period. The series of works offered Charles Dickens the opportunity to shape the reaction of the readers to their interpretations of the topics and the development of the characters.

Of course, there is hundreds of writer in the English Literature, we cannot separate which one is important. But I tried to explain which one contributes something to the literature.

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