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Revolt: Jean Froissart, Chroniques

London, British Library, MS Royal 18 E.1, fol. 175r
Language: French
Manuscript date: 1460–80

Jean Froissart’s narrative of the revolt is valuable for several details it provides of the revolt, including, for instance, a sermon by John Ball, the priest from Kent and rebel leader. Manuscript Royal 18 E.1 was made in Flanders for William Hastings, Baron Hastings. It contains 48 richly colorful illuminations of events in France and England in the years 1377–85, including three images of the revolt. The large illumination on folio 175r represents two moments from the meeting of Richard II, William Walworth (mayor of London), and Wat Tyler with the rebels at Smithfield on June 15, 1381, which are recounted in the Anonimalle Chronicle. See “The Revolt” (p. 175) and “Tournaments” (p. 224) for information and bibliographies on the revolt and Froissart.



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