The Liberal Fallout

Omnia verba suis locis optima; etiam sordida dicuntur propria.

Rereading Gregory Corsos Bomb, spread out before me to its full length for this occasion, it occurred to me that if he would abandon his mind to it, a man might write such stuff forever, Sir.And not just this one man,but many men many women, and many children.The trick, i then thought, is all in the abandoning in the really leting go.
But, a day or so later, while sitting in The Living Theatre, with the gushing mouths themselves before my very eyes, i saw that it was all thoroughly Dantesque which is saying a great deal for poetry.There on the stage was Barbariccia himself who avea dul cul tatto trombetta;
and a male equivalent of that famous Thais of Terences

quella sozza e scopigliata fante
cbe la si fraffia con Punbie merdose

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